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S-Mart Update 04.13.2014


It’s been a while but we just updated our S-Mart section with a ton of new Evil Dead related stuff including new blu-rays, collectable figures, and t-shirts. Buy your Evil Dead stuff through our store helps us keep the site running!

NECA’s Retro Evil Dead 2 Hero Ash and Evil Ash Clothed Action Figures

NECA Evil Ash

NECA has posted a close look at their upcoming Evil Dead 2 Ash and Evil Ash clothed action figures. 

For more information and photos check out their blog.

Join Tom Sullivan at Horror Hound Weekend

Tom Sullivan

Join Tom Sullivan and Patrick Reese as they bring their Movie Memorabilia Museum and Art Print Gallery to HorrorHound Weekend, March 21-23, 2014. Located at the Sharonville Convention Center 11355 Chester Road, Cincinnati, Ohio, 45246. This years show has the largest Evil Dead Reunion EVER!!! Check out the amazing guest list and we’ll see you there with DVDs of INVALUABLE, Ryan Meade’s documentary about Tom Sullivan and his life and career. It is filled with Evil Dead stars and their stories of the production and of Tom.

If you can’t make it to Horrorhound Weekend be sure to order the recently released documentary on Tom Sullivan,’Invaluable’ by director Ryan Mede.

Order Invaluable

Also available is a limited edition Invaluable shirt which can be ordered here.

Invaluable Shirt

Hail to The King, Baby. A Bruce Campbell Themed Art Show

Bruce Campbell Art

Deathpop Art is curating a Bruce Campbell themed Art show at the Agit Gallery in Los Angeles, California on March 29th

That’s right, you primitive screwheads, this is the definitive Bruce Campbell themed art show in the world. The Agit Gallery will change its name to the S Mart and host all things of Bruce Campbell worship. While the ART will be on focus we will also have a costume contest (with a special prize for the best NON- Evil Dead/ Army of Darkness Bruce Campbell costume. I’m personally hoping for someone to do the plastic surgeon from Escape from LA), special events, and of course the awesome meet and greet with the artists themselves. If only we could get Shemp’s Olde Tyme Whiskey to sponsor.

Hail to The King, Baby. An Art Tribute To Bruce Campbell

Macabre Film Fest Interviews Tom Sullivan and Dennis Carter Jr.

Tom Sullivan

Ronda Swindell interviews special effects make-up, prop artist, and illustrator Tom Sullivan and actor/cosplayer Dennis Carter Jr. at this year’s recent Macabre Film Fest.

Huge Evil Dead Reunion at Horror Hound Weekend

Evil Dead

The upcoming Horror Hound Weekend convention set for March 21st-23rd in Cincinnati, Ohio will feature the hugest Evil Dead reunion to date. Both casts from Evil Dead 1 and Evil Dead 2 will be making appearances including Bruce Campbell, Ellen Sandweiss, Betsy Baker, Theresa Tilly, Hal Delrich, Ted Raimi, Sarah Berry, Richard Domier, Kassie Depaiva, and Danny Hicks. Also appearing is composer Joseph Loduca! For more information check out the Horror Hound Weekend site.

‘Invaluable’ Premiering at Alamo Drafthouse January 31st

Tom Sullivan

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Kalamazoo will be hosting a one-night-only world premiere of the new Tom Sullivan documentary ‘INVALUABLE’ on January 31st. Director Ryan Mede and Evil Dead special effects artist Tom Sullivan will be in attendance. They will do a post-show Q&A and signing. Tickets for the premiere are $10 and can be purchased online or at the box office.

Tom Sullivan - Invaluable

Official Evil Dead 2 Licensed Props by Trick or Treat Studios


Trick or Treat Studios has recently released sneak peaks of their Evil Dead 2 licensed Necronomicon Book of the Dead prop sculpted by Tom Sullivan along with Evil Henrietta and Evil Ash masks from their upcoming 2014 catalogue. Release dates to be announced.

Book of the Dead Prop

Evil Henrietta Mask

Evil Ash Mask

Timeline of Army of Darkness 2 Rumors


The Pop Fix posted an in depth time video covering the Army of Darkness 2 rumors from 2012 to date:

Tom Sullivan Evil Dead Prints, Artwork, and Memorabilia For Sale

Tom Sullivan 03

Tom Sullivan has a slew of prints, lost page replicas, and other Evil Dead related memorabilia for sale:

· Evil Dead Tom Sullivan’s Movie 12 Print Set. Poster Concepts Artwork

· Tom Sullivan Print set of 32 Pages from Evil Dead’s The Book of the Dead

· Evil Dead 2: The 14 Lost Pages From the Book of the Dead. Movie Prop Replica

· Evil Dead Tom Sullivan’s The Ultimate Set The Book of the Dead 58 Print Set

· EVIL DEAD prequel Within the Woods Wood action figure Memorabillia

· Evil Dead Movie Basement Wall Rock 100% Authentic One of a kind

· The EVIL DEAD / WITHIN the WOODS Artifact Bundle

· Evil Dead Tom Sullivan’s The Cry of Cthulhu Portfolio 15 Print Set

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