Ash vs Evil Dead Comic Con Schedule


Starz has released their official Comic Con schedule for the Ash vs Evil Dead panel. The panel will take place July 10th in room 6A from 6pm-7pm.

Pages of The Necronomicon from Ash vs Evil Dead


Entertainment Weekly has posted six exclusive pages of the Necronomicon from Ash vs Evil Dead:

See more here.

First Photo of Ash from Ash vs Evil Dead


Starz has released the first photo of Bruce Campbell reprising his iconic role of Ash from Ash vs Evil Dead featured exclusively on Entertainment Weekly.

Ash vs Evil Dead Tumblr


Starz has opened a Tumblr page for Ash vs Evil Dead where you can find exclusive Ash vs Evil Dead photos and stuff. They even have included a message from Bruce Campbell himself:

Ash vs. The DC Dead Teaser


WTFLOL has posted the first teaser for their upcoming follow-up fan film Ash vs The DC Dead, a follow-up to their film Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness.

After his initial run-in with a deadite infested New York City and a zombified Wolverine, Ash suddenly finds himself transported to a whole new dimension…

Scream Factory Army of Darkness Blu-Ray

Army of Darkness

Scream Factory has announced on their Facebook page that they will be releasing a collector’s edition blu-ray of Army of Darkness coming this October.

Today will be one of the more memorable days in our brand’s history that’s for sure! If you’re still trying to catch your breath from our recent announcement of the upcoming Tales From the Crypt films, then steel yourself for the following…ARMY OF DARKNESS – the third film in the Evil Dead franchise, starring Bruce Campbell – is coming to Blu-ray “Scream Factory-style” in October! We will certainly aim to make it the most definitive version to own to date.

We know you’ll have lots of questions on this one but we have no concrete details to report at this moment other than that newly-commissioned artwork (yes, its a “Collector’s Edition”) and pre-order links will be up next month and a full list of extras and specs will appear in early Fall.

There are no spec details yet but we’ll keep you updated!

Starz Announces Ash vs Evil Dead Comic-Con 2015 Panel

Bruce Campbell NYCC 2012

Starz has announced there will be a Ash vs Evil Dead panel at the 2015 San Diego Comic-Con. The panel will take place Friday, July 10th and will feature Bruce Campbell, Sam Raimi, Lucy Lawless, and Rob Tapert.

Press Release: “WHAT: STARZ to host panels for the critical and fan favorite “Outlander;” (returns 2016) featuring cast and creators including Executive Producer Ronald D. Moore, author Diana Gabaldon and actors Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan, as well as for the new original series “Ash vs Evil Dead,” (first season premieres Fall 2015) featuring cast and creators including Executive Producers and original filmmakers Sam Raimi, Rob Tapert, and Bruce Campbell, plus Lucy Lawless, during San Diego Comic-Con 2015.

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Featured Interview: Joseph LoDuca


Joseph LoDuca is returning to his roots to score the soundtrack for Ash vs Evil Dead. Joseph sits down with Daniel Schweiger of Film Music Magazine to talk about his work.

Few composers who continually get pulled back into a genre that gave them birth have as much fun both screaming, and laughing about continually being clawed by their fateful, creative relationship than Joseph LoDuca. Born in Michigan around the same time as another native with whom he’d be joined at the hip, LoDuca was well into fulfilling his rock and roll aspirations with the big town likes of Jeff Beck and Bob Seger before getting the call to enter a possessed cabin in the backwoods. The result of his impressively frenetic, orchestral score done a dime was the beginning of horror history for both LoDuca and Sam Raimi, whose “Evil Dead” series spun both men into Hollyweird careers. LoDuca would become one of the hardest working composers in terms of TV hours on such sword-and-sandal, Raimi-produced series like “Xena,” “Hercules” and “Spartacus,” in addition to the modern-day adventures of “The Librarians” and “Leverage” amongst his monstrously prolific credits.

Click here to read the entire interview.

New Ash vs Evil Dead Teaser: Ash is Back

Starz has released a new teaser for Ash vs Evil Dead featuring Ash strapping on the famous chainsaw and saying, “Ash is back baby”.

Update: Same teaser but with Ash saying “groovy”.

Ash vs Evil Dead Necronomicon Revealed


Michael Bassett, the director of Ash vs Evil Dead has revealed on his instagram what The Necronomicon looks like on the show for the first time:

Prep is over, it is time to open….The Necronomicon. #AshVsEvilDead

A photo posted by Michael Bassett (@michaeljbassett) on

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