Waxwork Records Re-Releasing Evil Dead 2 Soundtrack

Evil Dead 2 Skull

Waxwork Records is re-releasing the score to Evil Dead 2 composed by Joseph LoDuca as a deluxe LP. Here’s the kicker, they’re allowing fans to come up with the design of the LP packaging:

We’re letting YOU, the fans, design the LP release! This is certainly unchartered territory for any record label, but we feel that this film and score is a beloved horror gem, and only the hardest of the hardcore EVIL DEAD 2 fans can come up with the BEST possible LP package.

Over the next few weeks, we will allow any one and every one of you hardcore DEADITES to choose the artist, the vinyl colors, contribute liner notes, and more! Waxwork will set up a polling system that will allow you to choose how YOU would like our upcoming EVIL DEAD 2 deluxe soundtrack to look, feel, and more!

EVIL DEAD 2 is scheduled as a 2016 release. Put your thinking caps on, polish your chainsaws, and let’s get groovy.

[Waxwork Records]

Ash vs Evil Dead Cast Portraits


Starz has updated their official Ash vs Evil Dead site with new character bios and portraits as well as new photos and videos. Check them out!


Inside Look of Ash vs Evil Dead


Starz just released an inside look video of Ash vs Evil Dead. The video includes new scenes, behind the scenes footage of the set and production!

Extended Ash vs Evil Dead Trailer


Starz has posted a new extended Ash vs Evil Dead trailer featuring new footage. This trailer was shown this weekend at Bruce Campbell Groovy Fest at Wizard World Chicago. Check it out!

Evil Dead 2 Cast Reunion Photo

Evil Dead 2 Skull

Kassie DePaiva (Bobby Joe) has posted a photo of the Evil Dead 2 cast reunited at Bruce Campbell Groovy Fest happening this weekend at Wizard World Chicago.

New Ash vs Evil Dead Art Poster


Starz just released a brand new art poster for Ash vs Evil Dead featuring Ash standing on top of the classic surrounded by his sidekicks Pablo and Kelly. It’s a bit overly photoshopped but groovy nonetheless.

Ash vs Evil Dead Poster

Featured Video: Evil Dead 2 Q&A with Robert Kurtzman

Evil Dead 2 Skull

Garth Manor recently had a screening of Evil Dead 2 in 35mm at the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, TX. They had special effects makeup artist Robert Kurtzman on hand for a Q & A afterwards.

This is my Boomstick Preview


Apparently there is a tie-in iphone game for Ash vs Evil Dead in the works called This is My Boomstick. The game looks like another endless runner except you play Ash mowing down zombies in the woods.

Dead Leaves


There’s a new novella called Dead Leaves chronicling the search for the Evil Dead written by Andrew David Barker coming this October. Dead Leaves is a follow up to his excellent film related novel The Electric

1983 – Derby, England: Set amidst the furore and media firestorm surrounding the so-called ‘video nasties’, DEAD LEAVES is a coming-of-age novella about a group of horror fans and their search for vilified VHS ‘The Evil Dead’.
Darkly funny and brutally honest in its depiction of aimless life in a midland town, Andrew David Barker’s latest work perfectly captures those turbulent first few years of video and the impact it had on a generation.

Ash vs Evil Dead is a Wrap


The Ash vs Evil Dead crew has just wrapped up shooting season 1 of Ash vs Evil Dead and posted a photo:

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