Ash vs Evil Dead Necronomicon Revealed


Michael Bassett, the director of Ash vs Evil Dead has revealed on his instagram what The Necronomicon looks like on the show for the first time:

Prep is over, it is time to open….The Necronomicon. #AshVsEvilDead

A photo posted by Michael Bassett (@michaeljbassett) on

Evil Dead 2 Prints By Gary Pullin


Grey Matter Art is offering officially licensed limited edition screen printed Evil Dead 2 poster by the very talented artist Gary Pullin. A glow in the dark variant of the poster will also be available. The prints will go on sale this Thursday, May 14th at a random time between 1-2 pm est. Follow Grey Matter Art on Facebook and Twitter so you don’t miss the drop.

Ted Raimi: Deathly Spirits Episodes 4 & 5


Ted Raimi has released episodes 4 & 5 of his new web series Deathly Spirits. Check them out!

Ted tells an original urban tale about a ghostly bus and mixes the Greyhound.

An original and SUPER GORY tale from a guest author. Plus, Ted has trouble disposing of bodies in the house!

Ash vs Evil Dead Has Begun Filming

Evil Dead Linda

Ash vs Evil Dead has begun filming! Aaron Lam, the producer of Ash Vs. Evil Dead, has tweeted a photo of the first slate from the show indicating filming is underway.

Vampirella Army of Darkness Crossover

Ash x Vampirella

Dynamite Entertainment has announced they will be release a four issue crossover of the classic comic Vampirella and Army of Darkness. Written by Mark Rahner and drawn by Jethro Morales, the first issue will be available this July with three variant covers.

The events of Vampirella / Army of Darkness take place during Ash Williams’ time trapped in the England of 1300 A.D. When the terrified, primitive screwheads approach the Chosen One with tales of a horrific flying Deadite — one similar to the one he blasted out of the air when first arrived, but much deadlier — Ash sets out with his boomstick and chainsaw to protect his adopted people. At the same time, a raven-haired temptress wants to give him some sugar… as his last meal!

First Photo from The Set of Ash vs Evil Dead

Evil Dead

Bruce Campbell has posted on twitter the first photo from the set of Ash vs Evil Dead at the end of the first week of shooting.

Ash vs Evil Dead Production News

Evil Dead UK

Lots of Ash vs Evil Dead production announcements and interviews with Rob Tapert, Bruce Campbell, and Sam Raimi appeared on the net today. Lots of news for us to report so check out the lists of links below.

Rob Tapert, Bruce Campbell, and Sam Raimi


Bloody Disgusting: [Interview] Sam Raimi, Robert Tapert and Bruce Campbell On “Ash vs Evil Dead”!

Best Horror Movies: Exclusive: Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi Talk Ash vs. Evil Dead TV Series

Dread Central: Ash vs. Evil Dead – Starz TV Series Secrets Revealed

Joblo: Ash vs. Evil Dead begins production; first photo and details revealed!

Ted Raimi: Deathly Spirits Episodes 2 & 3

Ted Raimi

Ted Raimi has released episodes 2 & 3 of his new web series Deathly Spirits. Check them out!

Ted tells an original story about a dead girl, her mother and the best way to make a martini!

To honor National Poetry Month, Ted recites a creepy, century-old poem about an evil wraith.

Bruce Campbell: The Roles That Got Away

Bruce Campbell

Bruce Campbell discusses the acting roles that got away during his illustrious career including key roles in Iron Man, The Matrix, and JFK.

Pre-Order The Official Evil Dead 2 Kandarian Dagger Prop

Kandarian Dagger

Trick or Treat Studios now has the official Kandarian dagger prop sculpted by Tom Sullivan available for pre-order! Shipping starts between July and August.

Sculpted by Tom Sullivan
Trick or Treat Studios is proud to bring you the Official Kandarian Dagger Prop!

This amazing Prop was sculpted by Tom Sullivan, the actual FX Artist that made the Kandarian Dagger for Evil Dead 1 and 2!

Cast in high quality Polyurethane the Dagger has a solid feel and look as if it came right off the screen. TheKandarian Dagger is the perfect compliment for your Witch Costume or Zombie Costume this Halloween!

The size of the Dagger is approximately 36″ long, exactly the size of the actual dagger from the movies.

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