Ash vs Evil Dead



Ashley J. Williams

Bruce Campbell

Ash returns as the blowhard monster fighter, struggling with the limitations of his middle-aged self. Over 30 years ago, he encountered creatures of unspeakable evil and survived. He has successfully avoided them since... until he makes one very stupid mistake.


Kelly Maxwell

Dana DeLorenzo

Kelly was once a sweet girl, but has become hardened and cynical because of what the Deadites have done to those close to her. With her family destroyed, she turns to Ash and Pablo for payback.


Pablo Simon Bolivar

Ray Santiago

Pablo is Ash's coworker and loyal friend. Originally trained to become a Brujo, a Honduran shaman, Pablo feels that his destiny is to leave his legacy behind and fight alongside Ash.


Amanda Fisher

Jill Marie Jones

Amanda is a respected Michigan State Police Detective. Following the bizarre and grisly murder of her partner, she knows whoever or whatever killed him must be stopped.


Ruby Knowby

Lucy Lawless

A seductive and reclusive figure, Ruby has determined Ash caused the supernatural massacre of her family over 30 years ago. And after all these years, she's finally closing in on him.




Ash's pet lizard.

Woman in Bar

Woman in Bar

Jennifer Freed

The lady whom Ash seduces in the bathroom of a bar.



Mike Edward

Amanda’s partner, whose death and possession puts her on Ash’s tail.


Vivian Johnson

Sian Davis

Ash’s kindly next door neighbor at the trailer park and his first post-return kill.

Mr. Roper

Mr. Roper

Damien Garvey

Ash’s cranky Value Stop boss; ends up resurfacing as a Deadite in episode 2.

Lil' Lori

Lil' Lori

Bridget Hoffman

A possessed doll who attacks Ash in the backroom at Value Stop.

Suzy Maxwell

Suzy Maxwell

Mimi Rogers

Kelly’s mom, who has suddenly resurfaced alive and well after apparently dying in a car accident; Ash suspects she’s secretly a Deadite.

Kelly's Dad

Kelly's Dad

Phil Peleton

Just what it says on the tin – eventual victim of Kelly’s mom.


Lionel Hawkins

Kelson Henderson

Proud proprietor of the occult shop Books from Beyond, who’s amazingly willing to have ancient Kandarian rituals performed in his back room.



Ben Fransham (Body) / Jared Turner (Voice)

Minor demon who is summoned by Lionel with the Necronomicon. Kills Lionel, nearly kills Ash and Pablo; temporarily possesses Kelly.


Brujo Bolivar

Hemky Madera

Pablo’s uncle and his mentor in shamanism, who leads Ash on a spiritual journey via hallucinogens and then tries to
help the gang exorcise Kelly of Eligos’ spirit.